7art Merry Flower Clock © 7art-screensavers.com

7art Merry Flower Clock © 7art-screensavers.com

7art Merry Flower Clock gives you the time with petals
License type: Freeware

If you like flowers, probably you will like this clock. 7art Merry Flower Clock gives you the time with petals. This unique clock-screensaver will allow you to know the time of the day whenever you want, and will probably bring a smile to your face when you see a pretty flower. However, that is all it offers you.
Something that I considered a real turn off was the fact that you must complete a survey before installation.
The clock itself has a different concept than those you might already know.
There is no clock face. The clock itself is a flower. The white petals are the ones that show you the hours, and in its center, smaller petals circle around the flower show you the seconds. The hours are displayed by changing the color of the petal.
It is a simple clock that will trigger when your computer is idle, and it will show you the time of the day.
If you expect a lot of special effects or complex animations, you should look for them somewhere else.
But if you only want a clock that gives you the time in a fairly uncommon way, 7art Merry Flower Clock will probably be enjoyed by you.

Fernando Soni
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  • Pretty flower
  • Nice concept for the clock


  • Nothing happens
  • No sound
  • The same scene all the time
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